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inspired by the Okanagan climate...

For the past few years I have been studying Okanagan seasons, climates and their weather effects.

I live in a very unique area with four lakes all within a ten minute drive from our home, so I have plenty of lake subjects and special weather effects to 'draw' from. I take reference photos of the sky and can sometimes be seen driving my Jeep around our area, racing the setting sun or even a spectacular storm cloud.

As my mood has become more contemplative lately, I find myself experimenting with colour mingling, where I drop wet colours into other damp colours and watch them react and mingle together on the paper, causing new and interesting relationships to form. Colours that contain sediment may also cause additional reactions such as texture. This method is challenging and difficult to manage but I find it broadens the experience of creating with an extra heightened expectancy of the unexpected.

I started painting with watercolours in 1993 and they continue to fascinate me. Timing seems to be the key, like in music. It takes much practice.

Kalamalka Lake Sunset Shower
Kalamalka Lake Sunset Shower
Watercolour on Paper
14 x 18 in.
Wood Lake Light Study
Wood Lake Light Study
Watercolour on Paper
9 x 12 in.
Fir Valley Cabin
Fir Valley Cabin
Watercolour on Paper
21 x 29 in.
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